MicroMemphis is a hyperlocal news hub produced by the University of Memphis Department of Journalism. The hyperlocal part means we cover stories in and about a distinct section of the city bound by street borders, school districts, but mostly, just by people. Each year, student-journalists cover one neighborhood in the Memphis area. This site is a collection of original reports, videos, and pictures about that community. 

The hub part means that we don’t just create new content. We know the web is already a rich source of information about neighborhood stories.We consider it our job to dig through those links, Tweets, and news reports that round out the story of a community. Then we put it all in one place.  

First stop – Cooper Young.  Go to www.micromemphis.com

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Media and the Courtroom: The Noura Jackson Case

On March 27, 2009 Noura Jackson was sentenced to 20 years and nine months for the 2005 murder of her mother Jennifer Jackson. The 23 year-old was convicted of second-degree murder for stabbing her mother over 50 times. Largely due to its sensational nature, the case gained both local and nation attention and was featured on the CBS show,  48 Hours Mystery.

This website focuses on the facts of the case, as well as the impact of the media coverage. The site gives voice to parties involved in the investigation and trial, including Jackson’s attorneys, the judge who presided in the case, as well as one of the defendant’s closest friends. The idea is to gather pertinent information about the Jackson trial in one place, so that those interested in the impact of media in the courtroom can understand the perceptions of its effects involving a single, high-profile case.

See the website created by University of Memphis M.A. graduate Lauren Lee.

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